We Need to talk About Kapitalism or Big or Just Because You’re Used To Something Doesn’t Mean You Like It..

updateTue Nov 19 2014    The Guardian is the latest to report on  an impending bottleneck in cocoa production resulting in sharply rising prices…


I was predicting exactly this development four years ago in commodity supply as a direct result of the democratisation of money. I even accurately predicted the excuses that economists would make to try to explain this bottleneck away!

‘The result of all this will be an increase in basic commodity inflation. Foodstuffs and other resource commodities will begin to exert a kind of internal ‘barter’ value irrespective of money value. When ‘Classic’ economists observe this effect they will claim it is a by-product of increased global scarcity’

July 12 2010 Effects of The Democratisation of Money.

NOBODY else correctly predicted this development and even the response that economists would make to it. Which is all the more remarkable given that I made this prediction four years ago. Which all goes to show that understanding The Democratisation of Money is the only way to really understand what is happening now and what will happen in the near future…




We Need To Talk About Kevin is a prize winning novel and a film. A mother reflects on the development of her son in light of a disaster: the boy has massacred students and staff at his high school but not before killing two other members of his family- his father and his sister. The boys mother is left to deal with the consequences of this mayhem and her part in it…


‘We Need To Talk…’ can be read as satire as much as anything else. From the privileged position of hindsight we are invited to watch the undermining and eventual collapse of the American dream- not just for one family but for everyone around it.


Ambiguity as to who is guilty and who is innocent is never far from the surface. The cartoonishly optimistic American dad refuses to see a dangerous pattern emerging in his son- even as it results in the loss of an eye for his daughter. The mother cannot see beyond her own neurosis in her dealings with her child. The cult of fame and celebrity works to magnify whatever poison is growing inside the boy.. All these factors lead us to question whether the oncoming catastrophe could have been avoided and if it could, who is at fault for not preventing it?


I have visited this idea before in ‘MAD or It Was Only A Matter Of Time…’ Posted on February 19, 2014. I drew attention to the character of Ely wandering through a hellish post apocalyptic world who says;


‘We knew this, or something like it, was going to happen’.


This is particularly poignant on the Centenary Anniversary of the 1st World (Germanic) War. Lots of people knew the War To End All Wars was coming without what exact shape it would take. And the same is true of the war that followed it. And the same is true now. You know something is going to happen. Its shadow looms but we cannot tell what the shape behind the shadow is.


Very, very few people are really stupid or completely blind to the truth, though lots of commentators like to imagine that the majority of the public is. It is a way of explaining the recurring disasters that plague human society. The truth is that like Kevin’s parents, people are emotionally invested in the beliefs and groups they are part of.


Our economic/political system and the society that supports it, did not come down from heaven, nor was it the result of a logical quest by the brightest minds on the planet to find the best system possible. It is the historical product of a specific society and its people at a certain time.


Like a child reflects its parents so this system reflects the people that created it. And they see themselves in it. In the same way that parents contemplate the end of their children, the creators of this system contemplate its end as the end of themselves. And they are right. The end of Capitalism will be the end of Germanic culture as a world force in human history. So they will NEVER willingly turn against this system. And they will ultimately always justify it, no matter what. Because their very identity depends upon it. This is the death grip embrace between a society and the people within it.


Which brings us to the myth of the changeling; the belief that a child has been substituted by another creature that looks and sounds the same, but is very different underneath. The name of the changeling in this case is Crony Capitalism; the product of Globalists and Neo Feudalism who smuggled this cuckoo into the Free Enterprise nest. The complaint of crony capitalism is the same as a parent complaining that he does not recognise the boy he sees rampaging through college on the six o’clock news.


Whatever our economic system was in the past, it is very clearly now unable to exist without abandoning the systems and controls of the past. Isn’t this what is really meant by ‘too big too fail’?- That the consequences of a free market can no longer be supported by the system? That we are committed to a system that can no longer support its own internal logic?


Since logic is no longer supportable, the parent invests in the myth of the idealised child was with ever greater determination. Libertarians tout a return to the golden youth of free enterprise in the midst of an unprecedented state control of the economy; like an accountant deciding to blow his retirement fund on a Harley Davidson and a set of leathers. And this would not matter so much, might even be funny in a way, if it were not for the tragedy that we can see approaching.


Can you see any way that state control of the economy can be replaced by a return to ‘free markets’?

Can you see any way that ordinary people will ‘freely’ agree to the mass impoverishment this would cause?


Can you see any way that the debts that have been run up by the advanced economies can be paid off without destroying the economy as we have known it?

Can you see any way that advanced economies can run a massive permanent debt, (openly acknowledging it will never be paid off), and still call themselves capitalist?


Can you see any way that China will agree to be managed FOREVER as a junior partner in its own sphere of influence by America ?

Can you see anyway that America can avoid trying to manage and retard China’s growth without its own interests being permanently, irrevocably damaged?


Can you see any way that NATO and Europe can continue to expand without impinging on Russia’s fundamental interests?

Can you see any way that Europe can avoid the expansion necessary to secure its economic interests in Europe and Eurasia?


And if you can’t face all that, you can perhaps face this one little truth:


Is the Quantitive Easing ‘allowance’ Anglo Saxon parents pay to this boy every week really a gift?

Or do they pay it because they fear what he will do if he doesn’t get it?…


Isn’t it really protection money?