EscapeToVictory2 copyThe Scottish referendum is over but the battle has just begun.


In the WWII adventure film: ‘Escape To Victory’ the Nazis decide to stage a football match against a scratch team of prisoners of war as a propaganda stunt. Of course the Nazis rig the game to make the result a foregone conclusion..


The story of how the disparate prisoners get their collective act together and stick it to the Germans is the main stuff of the drama. But the moral of the film is that the prisoners don’t just accept the hand they have been dealt and even though the game is rigged against them, they fight back and win a victory.


Which bring us to the Scottish referendum.


If you have just come in, the film has already started. Here is where we are up to so far. The teams have just been selected and we are getting into the match.


The German side are:


The Monarchy and monarchists

Anglo Saxons- overtly nationalistic and otherwise


Right Wingers -moderate and extreme,


The Anglo Saxon ‘left’,

Bankers and international investors,

Main stream media

Business and shop owners,

Property speculators

The European Union

Barack Obama and the American government

Recent immigrants

Located primarily in the East of Scotland


On the Prisoners side:

The Non Saxon left

The post industrial working class

Small business

Born in Scotland

Located primarly in the West of Scotland


Supported by no large scale business

Supported by no large scale media

Supported by no outside major political power


As for the spectators, you can see for yourself how they are divided. Write down on one side who wanted Scots independence to win and on the other, who wanted the Union to remain. That will tell you all you need to know.


And now the match begins.


The Unionists kick off and immediately attack: Their opening move is that everybody must stop talking; the union is the ‘settled will’ (because that sounds traditional and authoritative), of the Scottish people. Immediately the referee comes to their aid: continued dissent and questioning of any aspect of the referendum and how it was organised is a ‘conspiracy theory’ and therefore disallowed.

The Saxon ‘left’ wing has moved quickly up the field into Scottish territory, trying to put distance between themselves and their friends in the multi national corporations and the Royal family. Perhaps they are frightened that without green space between them no-one will be able to tell them apart…

Meanwhile the Saxon right wing hang back and take advantage of their early game rigging, including beginning the bombing of Iraq and Syria and 25 billion of government cuts, at least half of which will come from unemployment and other welfare benefits.

Down at the Saxon goalposts the rump of Englands defence is milling around trying out a new ‘English parliament’ formation…

Oh, wait, here comes the first bit of really dirty play. Targetting nationalists who voted for independence with back payments of the hated Poll Tax that helped begin the war decades ago. Many Scots who refused to pay the Monetarist Poll Tax dropped off the Electoral Register, meaning they were no longer eligible to vote. After as long as 20 years these Scots emerged from hiding to register to vote again because independence was so important. And now they are to be punished by the Saxons by being chased down for ‘unpaid back taxes’ for having the termerity to join in the political debate.

Back up at the front the Labor party is busy developing its new role as the Scottish Colonial Office, positioning itself as interlocutor with the main Saxon government in Wesminster. The basic plan is to turn everywhere outside of the Saxon Heartland into a colony on the Northern Ireland model. A ‘peace settlement’ is to be put in place where competing groups of Saxon/Protestant settlers,native Britons and new immigrants will compete for the favours of the Westminster government-who will be the arbiters for who gets what.

And just in; a new twist in the dirty tricks campaign! The referee is advancing the introduction of an ENTIRELY new system of welfare rules before devolved Scottish powers are agreed. So that whatever powers are ‘granted’ to a Scottish administration they will be face with the fait accomplis of a preordained New German System!

Like the Third Reich, modern Germanic nationalism is ultimately a bust. All it can offer is a little piece of plastic with a picture on it, a share of the ‘National Debt’ and news updates from whatever dirty colonial war is being conducted at the time.


What are these things compared to blood, memory, family, humour, music, shared grief and happiness- in other words culture? Compared to these things modern nationality is less than worthless. Which is why the modern nation state tries to cut you off from blood, memory, family, and culture because they recognise that these things are death to the modern state.


To want these things is not nationalist; it is the fundamental antithesis to nationalism. Nationalism is a legal right a piece of plastic. This is the moral right to live in a community; what you owe to the community and what community owes to you.


This is the antithesis of Germanic land democracy.


This is the basis for human life.


There is no other.


This is what this match is being played for.


And whether you are in the stands or on the field, this is what you have at stake in the game. Either way.


Latest update.

 Firm tackle from Alex Salmond blocks the dirty Poll Tax play. The Saxon hits the grass with a bump. His lip trembles… gestures to the referee…