Ideology 4- WHITEISM: Unbelievable or An Appetite for Wonder Bread

Bobo1De heathen back dey ‘pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, ‘pon de wall!
De heathen back dey ‘pon de wall!
De heathen back, yeah, ‘pon de wall!

Rise up fallen fighters;
Rise and take your stance again.
‘cos)he who fights and run away
live(s)to fight another day.
With de heathen back dey ‘pon de wall!

‘The Heathen’, Bob Marley

In an interview with Bill Maher on USA T.V.  Dickie Dawkins, Archbishop of Saxon Heathenism has offered us a glimpse into the midden that lies where his soul would be

D.D. is convinced that Barry Obama is an ‘atheist’ (makes a change from Muslim I suppose), an intimation for which he cannot offer any evidence, it’s just a feeling, a matter of faith, you might say. Why would he have such a feeling? you might ask. Why would it matter to him?

In the interview, Maher tells us that young Dickie was religious, an Anglican in fact, hoping to pass the assumption, hopefully unchallenged, that Anglicanism is something to do with Christianity. But as the name suggests ‘Anglicanism’ is clearly something primarily to do with Angles and Angleland. In other words, it is specifically a race cult.

It is forbidden for a Catholic to be King or Queen of Angleland and therefore head of the Anglican church, directly as a result of the rise of Anglicanism.

Which brings us DD’s next article of faith, that John Kennedy was really an atheist!
Of course, DD would really like to say that he believes JK was an Anglican, or at least a Protestant, after all, the king is forbidden to be anything else. But he can’t quite summon the courage for this, so he settles on atheist.

Atheist is code for German pagan.

The Germanic narrative goes:
NW Europe converted to Christianity over the period of the first millennium. After a while the Germanic people of NW Europe discovered that Catholicism was wrong to a greater or lesser degree and set out to reform it. The movement for reform led to a split and the creation of Protestantism which in turn splintered into differing forms of Christianity. After a while, as a result of progress and enlightenment, the protestants discovered that there is no such thing as God after all and became atheists. So it’s all natural and inevitable evolution and progress up to the point of atheism.

Let me offer you an alternative interpretation of events.

Christianity spread out from the Mediterranean northwards and westwards like a tsunami. The further spread from the epicenter, the more its force dissipated. By the time it got to the edges of North-West Europe it’s power was relatively weak. And like a wave, once it had reached its maximum point it began to recede.

This interpretation explains why only Germanic populations have become Protestant. The only alternative explanation is that Germanic people are inherently more progressive than Southern populations which brings us back to the Anglican race cult.

During the interview DD opines that : ‘People can’t bear clarity’. I wonder if he can see the clarity of his statement as he recalls an episode of early religiosity:

‘I thought this was calling me to promote.. not necessarily the Christian religion, but some kind of religion..’

Indeed. That religion turned out to be German Paganism.

Watch it here:

Say: Woe to the downpressors:
They’ll eat the bread of sorrow!
Woe to the downpressors:
They’ll eat the bread of sad tomorrow

‘Guiltiness’ Bob Marley