United States Of Everywhere 2018 Predictions : The Year Of Revocation


Overtaken By Events

The first of two big memes for 2018 will be: ‘Overtaken By Events. ‘

We are in a time when predictions can spontaneously turn into history before they have even been fully typed . Thoughts being overtaken by events will define the character of the coming year.

Most people who follow the middle east already understand that the most up to date Saxon strategy is to contain Iran in Syria and Lebanon by destabilising it internally. .

One of the popular chants has “No Gaza No Lebanon, My Life for Iran”, an expression of frustration money being spent on Iran’s foreign interventions around the Middle East instead of on domestic programmes.


But there is another cross current working at odds to this approach. The liberal Saxon establishment seeks to encourage moderate pro western forces in Iran through the the P5=1 nukes deal and consequent easing of financial and trade sanctions that adversely affect the middle classes. The purpose is to promote a pro western capitalist financialised constituency in Iran under Rouhani. But this western sponsored Iranian liberal elite has been promoting neo liberal austerity that is highly unpopular with the mass of people. It is this is the main cause of recent demonstrations. Simply put, the liberal Iranian middle class is not really very liberal at all. This is the main reason that the majority of the press in the west has been lukewarm about supporting the rebellion. Because they know it is primarily a response to austerity brought about by the pro western neo liberal regime they want to see dominate in Iran.

On a general level, this is a fascinating and important development. The western financial structures and framework that supported the expansion of a liberal post war politics across the world no longer exists! The west cannot sponsor their agenda of progressive liberal democracy around the world based on neo liberal economics. It simply won’t work. You want liberal progressive politics you need liberal progressive economics. Expect to hear a lot of talk about the failure of the international liberal ideal in the coming year…

US projects in Palestinian territories face backlash amid calls for boycott

Palestinian NGOs under pressure to boycott US-funded projects after Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


Which leads me to…

Codename: Euroslam

The Saxon Axis is promoting a new strategic religious morality tale for 2018:
Sunni/Protestant/Pagan= modern and reformed. (Euroslam)
Shia/Catholic/Orthodox= regressive and unreformed.

This signals the emergence of two opposing Global Morality Blocs. On the one side stands:

Coastal North America
Northern Western Europe
Saxon Axis (5 Eyes)
Reformed Saudi Arabia and Gulf


Continental North America
South and Eastern Europe
Shia Gulf

In conjunction with internal attacks on Iran, the Saxon Axis will launch a big effort to break Shia Iraq away from Iranian influence. There will be pro democracy Sunni demonstrations ratcheting up the pressure in Iraq throughout the year. ISIS holdovers maintained and trained by America in occupied Syria will be used to do this. There will be a big Saudi/American summit meeting between supposed reformer ‘MBS’ (they are going to hammer this guy as the acceptable face of Saudi dictatorship. Like a new, trendy Shah of Iran), and a new political/economic gulf dispensation in a blaze of publicity.

Which leads me to…

Fly Me To The Moon

In 2018 America will set up a a post ’45 Berlin style air lift in Syria, probably in Idlib province promoted as an humanitarian air corridor set up to supply Sunni Euroslam moderates. Of course this will conflict with Russian air supplies to newly established and refurbished bases in Syrian territory. Israel and Saudi Arabia will take a lead role in setting up and maintaining the Sunni air corridor.This will occur in conjunction with the supposed reform of Saudi Arabia (Sunni/Protestant/Pagan= modern and reformed), preparing the way for direct American assistance in a confrontation between America and its proxies and Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Which leads me to…

Sexy Burkha- Euroslam

In Europe in particular the anti Islamic extremism push will take the form of promoting EuroSlam- a mix of Liberal Protestantism and Islam led by immigrant women in Europe and USA. Expect to see an ever increasing slew of stories about new ‘Euroslam’ taking over schools and mosques in Europe, America and even American occupied Syria. Plenty of ‘anti patriarchy’ stuff. There will be a rise in Burkha/Hijab themed soft and hard core pornography on the internet to acclimatise Anglo Saxon post protestant men into accepting Euroslam. The meme across the airwaves will be: ‘Muslim women are desirable’. In particular look out for the emergence of an Islamic/Feminist Halal Abortion Movement.

Which leads me to…

The Great Game

America is reaching out for India to try to cut Eurasia in two again. This is to limit China and Russian co-operation cross continent and to prevent a limited trans-Eurasian economy emerging. The White House has already begun to mount a sustained attack on Pakistan as part of this process. America will reach out to Hindu nationalists in India in some showcase dispute between Muslims and HIndus, possibly Kashmir, or they might go big and use a China/India border dispute but this is inherently dangerous. Since both of these are potentially difficult to negotiate I suspect in the end they will select a controllable dispute with Nepal to show that USA is backing Hindus

The organisational crisis in the United Nations security council I predicted four years ago is coming closer. The crisis will centre on the security council permanent five members. The Saxon Axis wants India, Germany and Japan on the security council. In return they want to offer China Pakistan as a Security Council ally and also will offer to push England and France off!. That would make the new council:




As I have previously remarked, this would require a comprehensive re-evaluation of the second Germanic war, in particular the role of Germany. Historians in the Saxon Axis are going to have to offer a new version of Hitler in the relatively near future…

Which leads me to…

Whiteism –Rope A Dope

There will be the widely trailed ramp up of moral/cultural attacks on Russia using the World Cup and the Olympics etc. Athletes are literally no longer allowed to be Russian as it is plainly incompatible with the homosexual, democratic ideal of ancient Greece. (See ‘The Games That People Play’ series U.S.E). Russian and Greek orthodox Christianity will increasingly be linked with Catholicism and Shia Islam as ‘unreformed’ and ‘problematic’. The Russian elections will be used by the Saxon Axis for propaganda purposes. The Saxon axis will of course be hoping for demonstrations that turn violent and deaths they can use as propaganda. There simply has to be a negative re-evaluation of Russia’s role in the WWII to compliment a new German story…

But there is a problem here. If China, Russia and Iran can soak up this propaganda punishment without major damage, then all of a sudden it will be the Saxon Axis that starts to look vulnerable. In that event, expect to see a surprise knockout blow against the Sunni/Protestant Pagan axis this year or next…

Which leads me to…

Nicely Browned Capitalism

Just like sausages, capitalism looks nicely browned just before it is done. Leave capitalism on the grill any longer and it will start to smoke… Everywhere you look brown faces are plastered over every advert from furniture to sun tan cream. Every institutional photograph has to have at least two brown faces in it. Inclusion is the new moral content of capitalism. The paradigm for the world now is that capitalism can’t make you better off, but at least it can include you. Protestant/Pagan/Sunni is for everyone. Catholic/Shia/ Orthodox are exclusionary..I can’t emphasise this new paradigm enough.

Which leads me to…

Saxon Nationalism- The Bull In The China Shop Or America Trolls The World- Or Carrie On Regardless

China Russia is in a race against time to create a sustainable international trade structure before the global polity is completely balkanised.
Trump will continue his series of destructive provocations of which the Hindu.India gambit is but one. This approach will become self defeating as it becomes more apparent to the entire world what is happening. Trump is trying to turn the world into a series of high school cliques with predictable consequences.. America is becoming a political ,economic and moral troll to the world…

Which leads me to…

The Constitutional Crisis

I began to predict 5 years ago still hasn’t manifested yet but at least now everyone knows that it is coming. irrespective of the personalities involved, President v Congress will be the defining split in American politics this year or soon after. I predicted long ago that the crisis when it comes will be similar in size and significance to Yeltsin bombing the Russian Parliament. So it will be.. The vast majority of people still don’t understand that the legal system that underpins Anglo Saxon capitalism was effectively destroyed by the democratisaton of money.

Which leads me to…

Europe and Brexit

Brexit stumbles on mainly because no-one dares to name it’s motive force – Saxon Nationalism. ‘Left Behind’ ‘Little Englander’, ‘White Nationalist’ etc are all code words used by the left, because the left does not dare to utter the dreaded words: ‘Anglo Saxon’. The moment they do the left is totally and utterly dead forever.

The two variants of Brexit currently on offer are:The ‘Canada’ option or the ‘Norway’ option.

Both these designations are profoundly revealing as to the nature of what is really under dispute here. More accurately the Canada option should be termed ‘SaxLite’ and the Norway option should be termed ‘ScandiLite’. Using this terminology we can finally present the question in a succinct and clear way:

Should post Brexit England go for a version of the Saxon moral ideal as embodied by Canada or should it go for a social democratic idea as embodied by Scandi/German Norway? How will this question be decided? In fact, it will prove to be a remarkably simple and straightforward choice.

The main crunch point in the ongoing negotiations is the battle for control of Financial Services. Europe will not allow an under regulated financial hub to exist offshore the way that China is forced to at the moment. Expect a major tirade against derivatives from somewhere inside Europe. So there has to be regulatory mechanism embedded within the English economy to control it. If England goes for the Canada Saxkite option there will have to be a new system of property taxes introduced in Britain and if England goes for the Norway ScandiLite option there will have to be a reintroduction of the Exchange rate Mechanism.

From the Guardian:

(David) Davis predicts there will be “public thunder and lightning” (ie, more massive rows) before a successful Brexit deal is reached in the autumn.The negotiations about the future will not be straightforward. They will generate the same public thunder and lightning that we have seen in the past year. But I believe they will be successful, because the future of the Europe continent is best served by strong and successful relationships.

He says he wants the UK after Brexit to be “at the cutting edge of new technologies and the regulatory regimes they will require” He says the free trade deal must cover financial services.

Our approach is simple: we are looking at the full sweep of economic cooperation that currently exists and determining how that can be maintained with the minimum additional barriers or friction, while returning control to the UK Parliament.

In terms of scope, the final deal should….cover …financial services…

My objective is that services can be traded across borders, from highly regulated sectors like financial services to modern ones such as artificial intelligence. Of course this will require some common principles: our shared adherence to international standards; the cooperation of our regulators; and an effective dispute resolution mechanism with proportionate remedies


Which finally leads me to…

Breaking  The Confessional

There will be a sustained attack on the Catholic confessional this year. (This is where Catholics confess their sins to an authorised representative of Christ and receive absolution as a necessary condition for receiving the Eucharist). Expect to hear many calls across the Protestant spectrum; both liberal and conservative, to end Priest confidentiality. It will be billed as indispensable in the fight against child abuse etc. This anti Catholic movement will explicitly link up with #metoo, identifying ‘toxic’ religious macho sexuality as a major problem in Catholic Orthodox Christian and Shia men. But this will have the effect of tending to separate out more overtly masculine and feminine types to the Catholic faith and metrosexual and gay types towards Post Protestant liberal paganism. Don’t be surprised if an organised group of gay/metrosexual Catholic priests turns out and goes Protestant/Euroslam in a blaze of liberal publicity!

and which leads me to…


Which together with ‘Overtaken By Events’ is a key meme for this year.

Over the past couple of years I discussed the ‘Great Unravelling’ which is the foundational structures of capitalism being systematically undone. Capitalism is imploding and reversing through time, back to a state when none of it’s foundational ideas could be taken as a given. You might think that having come close to the point where capitalism is entirely unraveled there is nowhere left for this process to go, but you would be wrong. Because after unraveling comes revocation.

Revocation is a condition where that which was previously regarded as having being settled is now deemed to be under dispute. But more importantly, all the consequences of a previous settlement are now regarded as being null and void. This concept of revocation is now starting to be applied to capitalist society. So vast areas of commonly agreed history, legality and culture will now become the subject of dispute. But not from the point of deciding what the ongoing future will be, instead the past will be rewritten as amoral and intellectual end in itself! Privileges, customs, and forms of access, are just some of the previously agreed norms that will be questioned and revoked under the new philosophical regime.

This was trailed in the statue wars that were such a feature of 2017. Many will be absolutely baffled by this philosophical phenomenon. Why does altering the past matter so much when you don’t so obviously don’t care about the future?

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