So much stuff in the news and it goes by so quickly. Blink and you will miss it. Here is some stuff you should see..

New Welfare State

We know the British Welfare State is being re-engineered to meet the need of the coming century. Here is a further illustration of what that restructuring will look like.

Top UK earners to receive as much in handouts as poorest by 2020

New research by the Fabian Society shows generous tax breaks have created a ‘shadow welfare’ for UK’s wealthiest 20%

Good Money

Money is a social commons, ubiquitous and free. MONEY IS NOT ANY PARTICULAR THING- IT IS A THING WE DO.  It can be created by communities to serve the interests of those communities or it can be created by speculators and financiers (derivatives) or wannabee speculators (Bitcoin) to serve their own narrow interests. Here is an example of GOOD MONEY

How to Make Farmers Markets Accessible to the Poor

To ensure fresh produce is not a privilege reserved for the rich, farmers markets need to accept SNAP benefits.


The German author of this piece openly admits that the ‘Wilkommenkultur’ open door refugee policy was a gambit to establish Germany’s MORAL LEADERSHIP of Europe. Presumably on the basis that any kind of leadership is better than none….

Germany’s refugee crisis has left it as bitterly divided as Donald Trump’s America

We thought we could handle the migrant numbers – I invited them into my home. Whatever happened to our welcoming spirit?


Transitioning from a consumer economy underpinned by the efficiency savings that a welfare state produces, to one where the necessities of life are obtained on credit..

Britons raid savings to fund spending as economists warn recovery ‘built on sand’


The Enlightenment


Science (Knowledge Democracy), has not had a lot of luck pushing seven year olds around. So it reached the conclusion that it is easier to bully three year olds. Now THAT is the scientific method…

Evolution makes scientific sense. So why do many people reject it?

Child psychology studies have identified a natural human bias toward the theory of intelligent design, and pose a solution: teach evolution earlier


Why do the Tories want to hide who owns our country’s land?


If you wonder why so many people have difficulty understanding the difference between PRIVATELY ISSUED MONEY (Derivatives) GOVERNMENT ISSUED MONEY (Currency Notes), PRIVATELY ISSUED DIGITAL MONEY (Cryptocurrency) this might help explain things…

Being an expert literally changes how you see things


Any democracy exists for exactly as long as it’s constituent members benefit to the same extent from that democracy. Once that equality of benefit ends, the democracy is replaced by hierarchy. All ‘democracies’ naturally and inevitably give way to hierarchies…

‘Kensington-on-Sea’ goes to the polls over posh second homes


Japan has to form a currency bloc with China. There really is no other option

Can anything rescue Japan from the abyss?

Japan’s negative rates a looming headache for central bank

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