Over The Rainbow Or Not in Kansas Anymore Or Moral Minority Report Or My Cupp Runneth Over Or What exactly happened back there?


220px-Heimdall_an_der_HimmelsbrückeRainbow bridge to Asgard


A quantum mechanical system or particle that is bound—that is, confined spatially—can only take on certain discrete values of energy’


For the past three or four months race and racism has been the central focus of intercultural discourse in America. A spate of police shootings and demonstrations was followed by the Rachel Dolezal interval, things quickly got serious again with the Charleston killings.


And then everything changed.


Chess strategy was no longer the focus of the game, (see last time). The players put the chess men away and took out an entirely different set of pieces.


Post Charleston shootings, the ‘left’ went after the Confederate battle flag as a substitute for gun control; the next phase of the game seemed more or less set. Then from left field came a Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage and the entire topography of the culture war was changed in a day.


Just as a quantum particle jumps from one energy level to another with no interim stage and no warning that it will do so, the American polity moved into an entirely new configuration. The pro-gay marriage movement celebrated, but it was clear that even they were taken back by the sudden completeness of their victory.


Even more startling was the response of Anglo Saxon Protestants. Like a cage fighter who walked onto a roundhouse kick to the head, the legs buckled. Slo-mo close up showed they were out before they even hit the canvas. Trad WASP’s are slumped in the red corner. They know that they took a heavy beating – they are not looking forward to a second round.


The Moral Majority (remember them?) are now the Moral Minority and suddenly look at risk of becoming politically irrelevant almost overnight. Let’s be absolutely clear; its not going to be enough to grudgingly acquiesce to this dispensation. The Moral Minority will have to willingly accept the new state of affairs and tell everyone: mmmmm! just how much they like it if they want to stay in the political cage fight.


Or, in the words of teary Conservative pundit S.E. Cupp, they risk becoming relics.

Conservative Pundit Starts Crying At Gay Marriage Footage: ‘They’re Patriots’ (VIDEO)

or this:

‘How many fingers am I holding up son?’

‘Er, Tuesday..’

‘That’s fine son, lets get you back to the dressing room..’


So what exactly has happened, and what exactly does it all mean?


From one perspective the Supreme Court decision could be seen as something and nothing; merely the formal recognition of an existing state of affairs. Does the decision simply acknowledge that American attitudes towards sexual practice have changed? It is substantially more than that.


Consider that the Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade is still being venomously contested across America, decades after the actual ruling was handed down. In fact, abortion provision across the USA is decreasing and under constant attack. (Although you can bet there is now going to be some serious push back here as well). How does the retreat in post war women’s rights tie up with the ongoing success of the gay marriage rights campaign?


Obviously rights for sexual minorities (actually I think women are the majority), in America per se is not the driving force in shaping what has happened. In fact, you can’t understand the progress of gay marriage in America unless you understand Whiteism and its relationship to sexual morality.


Whiteism is the ideological belief that white people have something in common. The underlying purpose of Whiteism ideology is to legitimise Germanic ideological control over all white people. In particular, the Germanic Cult Of Capitalism based on Germanic Land Democracy.


The purpose of Whiteism is to assert the supremacy of Germanic culture, first in the context of white people and then in the context of the entire globe. In other words, Whiteism asserts that all white people should have Germanic culture in common whether they themselves are Germanic or not. Put another way, all white people should perceive and communicate through the medium of Germanic culture and morality as a stepping stone to all people everywhere communicating through the medium of Germanic culture.

Post war Germanic culture required white people to subscribe to the ideology of sexual freedom. Let’s get it clear what this sexual freedom means: Not stoning, imprisoning, or punishing in any way anyone who violates the moral or contractual rules of marriage or the associated sexual code. It means that a violated or dissolved marriage must be settled entirely as though it were simply a joint financial contract.


The participants in a marriage have no moral obligation to each other, or to society as a whole (and of course definitely not to God!). You mind find it amusing and instructive to consider that most subscribers to the Germanic morality code consider it more important that members of society fulfil their obligations to a mortgage contract rather than to a marriage contract!


All Germanic people subscribe to this belief system and most demand that it should be propagated world wide, many advocating using force to achieve this if necessary.


Modern sexual freedom as we understand it was pioneered in NW Europe in the aftermath of the Second Germanic War. Scandinavia and Holland became synonymous with black and white porno films, magazines featuring free love in the sauna etc. Anybody who has travelled the territory of the Hanseatic League knows that visiting the fleshpots of German cities now has the character of a cultural historical tour. Like Japanese tourists wandering round the Houses of Parliament (which of course is a different kind of whore..)


(On the subject of the Hanseatic League I recommend Jonathan Meades’ excellent documentary ‘Magnetic North’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw6J9bYQ4XY)


The relationship between modern sexuality and traditional morality was very carefully calibrated in post war North Western Europe. Prostitution and associated practices were legally ‘domesticated’; controlled and effectively promoted -as soft drug use in coffee shops and gay activity was. These liberalisations were intended to be understood as totemic representations of cultural freedom, in particular in opposition to Slavic and to a lesser extent Catholic, culture. This is pure Whiteism.


The ‘traditional’ family was domesticated in a slightly different way; through sponsorship and welfarism. Germanic political elites promoted a specific vision of family life through financial and legal incentives and punishments.


‘Modern’ laws on marriage and divorce, the provision of chemical contraception, (think of the Matrix: ‘you can take the red pill or the blue pill’), and the increasing possibility then necessity, of women’s employment, together with state provision of education, medical and other services, dismantled the traditional family and forced it into a supplicatory relationship with the Germanic state.


All of this is open to a variety of interpretations as to its meaning and significance, and as you know, often is. But it cannot be brought into sharp focus until you understand it as the promotion of Germanic pagan thought.


The moral collapse of Protestantism was both cause and consequence of two Germanic Wars in the last century. By the late fifties there was a clear need to restructure the moral landscape in North Western Europe. And if you doubt that such a project would or could be consciously undertaken, what else was the introduction of Protestantism centuries before but this very same thing?


So the post war modern Germanic state supported the traditional family the way that Lenin supported the provisional pre- revolutionary Russian government: as a rope supports a hanging man. And this has gone on for fifty years or so, bringing us to today. Or about ten days ago.


Look at the Supreme Court, and the power structure they represent. Consider the general nature of their recent pronouncements. Are we really supposed to believe that they have transformed miraculously overnight into the voice of ‘liberal’, ‘enlightened’, ‘progressive’ thought?


What nonsense!


Here is the root cause of the confusion on both ‘left’ and ‘right’.


In fact, they are the black robed designated executioners of the Protestant Welfare Family. In 2015, the corpse hanging for four decades still twitches on the rope. The time has come to end it. This last edict is the equivalent of jerking on the subjects legs to finally break his neck.


The Welfare Family was given a very specific structure. Its stated purpose was the raising of children, the provision of medical care and arrangements for old age. A specific substitution arrangement for each of the three main periods of family life.


This new definition breaks that link. The Supreme Court decision effectively means that any two men can get married for tax reasons and of course any two women can also. This means that marriage is now entirely a legal financial arrangement. It is a legal intellectual break from the historical family.


The order of an individuals life will no longer be defined in relation to the order of family life.


There will be a number of consequences that will follow from this:


Non married people and those who choose not to get married are going to ask on what basis ‘marriage’ should have any benefits or privileges. Moral? Intellectual? Political? Try making up some justifications for yourself and see how far you get with it…


It follows that the State will rapidly come to openly regard all family members as discrete individuals. It follows from this that the state will take direct responsibility for the welfare of these individuals, not mediated through the structure of the Protestant Welfare Family. For instance mandated nutrition requirements for children.


Since I have argued on more than one occasion that predictive ability is the validation of analysis, let me end with this:


In short order, (at most a couple of years), a modern western welfare state system will implode completely like a power station relay that cannot cope with altered voltage. It will come as a complete shock (pun intended) to the generality of the developed world. But not to me. And not to you too, now that you understand something of what really lies behind it….


updateJuly 4 2015

Two stories featured in Drudge Report illustrate the decline of the Protestant Welfare Family…

Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing


Vegan Italian parents investigated for neglect after baby son found severely malnourished


The reason I mention the Drudge connection is because these stories are obviously chosen to play to the outraged Protestant Welfare Family contituency… The state directly replacing the family etc…

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