Tory Council Sends Out ‘disgusting, threatening and insulting’ Christmas Card | the void

Tory Council Sends Out ‘disgusting, threatening and insulting’ Christmas Card | the void

Turkeys Vote for Christmas

If you want further evidence  that the era of the consumer society is coming to an end, look no further than this charming missive from Hammersmith and Fulham council.

‘Peace and Goodwill To All Men’ is a sentiment that belongs firmly in the past. The New Christmas  message is: ‘pay the rent and be thankful you are not out in the cold.’

This is the future for an increasingly large section of ordinary people in the Anglo-Saxon world. Income will have to be allocated to necessities and to credit payments-there will be no money left over for festivities like Christmas. There will be no discretionary spending.

What do I mean by discretionary spending?

I mean money that you are free to do with as you please, the basis of the so-called ‘economic freedom’ that the West enjoyed in the Post Second Germanic War period.

This economic freedom with its counterparts in western political and social freedom is no longer sustainable. I am writing about this in detail in: ‘War,Welfare and Whiteism’.

It will be replaced by a planned economy, by which I mean an economy where all of your income will be pre-allocated.

I explain in The Great Money Train Hijack that there was a political imperative to offer the delights of consumerism to ordinary people to rebuild support for Capitalism after the Second Germanic War. That imperative is now gone. Economic ‘Freedom’ will go with it.

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