The Shape of Things to Come or No Cash for White Trash Or No Food for Thought or The Right to Chews


Here is a nice little selection of titbits from the ever decreasing smorgasbord of Anglo-Saxon life options in Mangleland.

As you can see, despite any number of intellectual and cultural similarities between the average Saxon and Forrest Gump, it cannot be said that life at the present time can be regarded as anything like ‘a bawx of chawklets’.

It is clear that the average Saxon knows exactly what he is going to get, the only real question is why?

The answer lies in the phrase ‘disposable income’ . A more informative phrase might be discretionary expenditure.

Discretionary expenditure is money you can decide to spend as you wish. And more and more, the average Saxon does not have any.

Whether its basic food or travel, income is being pre-marked for essentials, and this is producing a deflationary spiral in consumer goods.  It is this specific deflation in discretionary buying power that heralds what I have called the:

End of the Consumer Society

that we have known since the end of the Second Germanic War. When there is no more consumer freedom, we will have a Monetarist planned economy instead of a Communist one.

Well, you didn’t think that Forest Gump was going to be smart enough to realise that Marx was right before the elite figured it out, did you?


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