Tory Council Sends Out ‘disgusting, threatening and insulting’ Christmas Card | the void

Tory Council Sends Out ‘disgusting, threatening and insulting’ Christmas Card | the void

Turkeys Vote for Christmas

If you want further evidence  that the era of the consumer society is coming to an end, look no further than this charming missive from Hammersmith and Fulham council.

‘Peace and Goodwill To All Men’ is a sentiment that belongs firmly in the past. The New Christmas  message is: ‘pay the rent and be thankful you are not out in the cold.’

This is the future for an increasingly large section of ordinary people in the Anglo-Saxon world. Income will have to be allocated to necessities and to credit payments-there will be no money left over for festivities like Christmas. There will be no discretionary spending.

What do I mean by discretionary spending?

I mean money that you are free to do with as you please, the basis of the so-called ‘economic freedom’ that the West enjoyed in the Post Second Germanic War period.

This economic freedom with its counterparts in western political and social freedom is no longer sustainable. I am writing about this in detail in: ‘War,Welfare and Whiteism’.

It will be replaced by a planned economy, by which I mean an economy where all of your income will be pre-allocated.

I explain in The Great Money Train Hijack that there was a political imperative to offer the delights of consumerism to ordinary people to rebuild support for Capitalism after the Second Germanic War. That imperative is now gone. Economic ‘Freedom’ will go with it.

UK inflation falls to four-year low of 2.1% as food prices steady | Business |

pasteUK inflation falls to four-year low of 2.1% as food prices steady | Business |


The Guardian reports CPI inflation slowed to 2.1% in November which

‘will give policymakers more headroom to leave interest rates at their record low.’

The Guardian thinks that this falling inflation

‘will also ease the pressure on households that have been grappling with living costs rising at a faster pace than average wages for several years’

which means that:

 ‘even if earnings growth recovers only marginally next year, an end to the squeeze on real earnings is finally in sight.”

And what is the cause of this falling inflation? -Falling factory prices:

‘ONS data showed factories’ costs falling while the prices they charge rose at a slower pace than expected last month’.

So is this the end of the present cycle of inflation? The Guardian does not think so. First it points out that rises in energy costs have not yet shown up in the figures and second:

The biggest upward pressure on inflation came from petrol prices, which fell by less than a year ago, and there was some effect from dearer computer games too.

So what does all this mean?

First the fall in factory price inflation. Home grown factories tend to manufacture consumer or discretionary goods which is the stuff you buy with the money left over after the bills have been paid. The fact that prices for these goods is static or falling reflects the fact that bills that have to be paid are taking up a bigger and bigger proportion of take home wages- manufacturers cannot put up prices or people will stop buying even at todays depressed levels.

On the other hand non discretionary resource prices , including energy are continuing to rise with no forseeable drop off in the near future.

We can see more clearly one aspect of the new restructured economy- The End of the Consumer Society, at least for a large proportion of the working population. From now on wages will be devoted to paying for neccessities and making the payments on all those credit agreements you took out to get the other stuff  you need.

Secondly, we can see that inflation is becoming less and less descriptive of what is happening in the economy for a majority of the population. This falling rate of inflation does not indicate that things are getting better or that the ‘squeeze’ on ordinary households is getting any less. What it means is that consumer ‘luxuries’ are being permanently squeezed out of their budgets.

The Shape of Things to Come or No Cash for White Trash Or No Food for Thought or The Right to Chews


Here is a nice little selection of titbits from the ever decreasing smorgasbord of Anglo-Saxon life options in Mangleland.

As you can see, despite any number of intellectual and cultural similarities between the average Saxon and Forrest Gump, it cannot be said that life at the present time can be regarded as anything like ‘a bawx of chawklets’.

It is clear that the average Saxon knows exactly what he is going to get, the only real question is why?

The answer lies in the phrase ‘disposable income’ . A more informative phrase might be discretionary expenditure.

Discretionary expenditure is money you can decide to spend as you wish. And more and more, the average Saxon does not have any.

Whether its basic food or travel, income is being pre-marked for essentials, and this is producing a deflationary spiral in consumer goods.  It is this specific deflation in discretionary buying power that heralds what I have called the:

End of the Consumer Society

that we have known since the end of the Second Germanic War. When there is no more consumer freedom, we will have a Monetarist planned economy instead of a Communist one.

Well, you didn’t think that Forest Gump was going to be smart enough to realise that Marx was right before the elite figured it out, did you?

‘One Weird Trick’ To Save The World or Money Can’t Buy Me Love Or Freedom Or Justice Or Dignity or Abnomics or Rise of the Wanna’B’s or Its Not Over Till The Fat Lady Figures It Out or Now Swallow


I remember a fat lady who must have weighed 20st at least, appearing on a consumer rights television program. She was complaining about diet pills she had bought through the internet. The problem was, the fat lady said, that although she had taken the pills for a couple of months she had so far failed to lose any weight. She had not changed her lifestyle or diet, the manufacturers advertisement assured here there was no need to, she said.

It is easy to laugh at the crass mindset of Doughnauts like these that gives rise to consumer ‘culture’. Anywhere you look you can find adverts telling you that you can get a ‘six pack’ in  two weeks (with no effort) or I made $600 dollars a day as a day trader (with no experience) blah, blah.

And I bet you think you are way too sophisticated to fall for any of this stuff. And maybe your are, for bottom end level schemes anyway.

But the idea that you can buy your way out of trouble is fundamental to consumerism and the Germanic cult of Capitalism. And in fact, it plays with many people who think they know better.

Buying your way out of trouble is the central idea behind Bitcoin’s ‘radical’ shtick. The idea is that if enough people buy into Bitcoin and all the other ‘wanna’B’s,  somehow this will transform the fundamental structure of the global economy and all the bankers and speculators will vanish in a puff of derivatives.

In case you might think this a tall order there are mysterious incantations and forces to be invoked, including the power of ‘blockchains’ and ‘encryption’ and ‘P2P’. It is these ‘scientific’ phenomena that will allow the bloated body of financialism to be transformed into the svelte, efficient new dream body of democratised money.

But democratised money goes one step further even than wonder slimming aids, because even slimming pills have to be swallowed, the manufacturer does not claim that you will be cured by simply ordering online, but this is exactly what is claimed by Bitcoin!

Bitcoin and the wanna’B’s represent  the ultimate fetishisation of ownership- in effect its final transformation into a religious cult. It is no longer even necessary to do anything with these uber-possessions. Simply buying them is enough to transform yourself and save the world.

Well, are you going to swallow it?