And so it goes….

From Crackernomics
United States of Everywhere :
Spring 2010
‘Prepare to see international political parties in the next five years.’

Now how will the ‘Left’ respond?


4 thoughts on “And so it goes….

  1. I thought we already had international political parties.
    There’s the AT&T party opposed by the Verizon party.
    There’s the FEDEX party opposed by the UPS party.
    There’s the Android party opposed by the Apple party.
    There’s the USD party opposed by the RMB party
    Text in your vote…Siri says referendum is the road to democracy. It’s Rochdale 2.0… “one man… one Obama phone… one vote.” Make your statement about “the cooperative identity”… it’s special… the cooperative that is… you, not so much.

  2. I think they are the new League of Nations Dave
    I think the Trans Pacific Partnership and EU-US agreement are the new constitution…..
    And the politicians are the translators who are there to tell us what ‘You are Royally screwed’
    sounds like in each individual language

    1. Wrong. There’s Google translator for that. Remember Jeremy Rifkin empathically proclaimed “the end of work”… applies to politicians also. Technocrats only need apply. There will be two websites left also so you may as well close this one down unless it is the Hegelian synthesis site aka the final website aka the final solution. To Altucher 20,000 and beyond!!

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