Culture Cookies or Taking The Biscuit

Cookies_blocked_in_wordpress_errorCulture is a cookie downloaded by your brain
History is the code it is written in

You download culture cookies when you access society.

You download culture cookies whether you want to or not-

Unless you have a browser that lets you disable culture cookies.

Browsers that let you disable cultural cookies are hard to find.
Browsers like these are hard to install on your internal drive (brain).
They require some knowledge of programming.

This document is the generic source code for a browser which can disable culture cookies.

Once you have created or found and installed a browser that allows you to disable culture cookies, you are free to choose whether to enable culture cookies or not.
But if you do disable culture cookies, lots of society sites won’t let you sign in or fully access the site.

If you try to access a site in society without enabling culture cookies you will receive an error message
It will tell you:
You are in ERROR
It will say:
You have committed an ERROR

It will not say:
‘We choose not to let you in because you have disabled culture cookies’.
But this is what it really means

Being in ERROR means that you will not be able to access threads in society
You will not be able to contribute to the conversation on these threads.
You will not be able to access stuff you think you want or need

By it’s nature Culture is refined to stick in your brain.
This is a definition of culture- stuff that is meant to be there universally and permanently.
Culture is specifically stuff that sticks
Information is the stuff that doesn’t

That’s why one has to remember how to do calculus
But one does not  have to remember that one is a racist.

Culture is a feedback mechanism
It collects data and transforms it into a useable format

It returns this formatted data to the issuer.
The issuer is called ‘Society’

The issuer can use this data to predict what you will do.
Societies that produce lots of downloadable culture cookies are
societies with a high level of predictability.

History is the code that culture cookies are written in

Code is a history of work that can be accessed and reapplied.

Culture is a history that can be accessed and reapplied.

An entire collected culture code is termed ‘Civilisation’

Society has a culture cookies policy.

It always says that:

‘Cookies are here to help us to help you’


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