Ideology 5: Whiteism: The Bride Stripped Bare or ‘Bringing The Colour Back To Your Cheeks’….


The invisible hand of the market..


Angela Monaghan, Thursday 31 October 2013 08.12 GMT

Greece downgraded from developed to emerging market

A reminder of the work left to do in Greece has come from S&P Dow Jones Indices, which says the country no longer classifies as a developed market. Instead, the indices provider gives it emerging market status for the following reasons:

  • The Greek equity market lags behind the advancements in market practices typical of other developed markets.
  • Dramatic and consistent reduction in market size over the past few years.
  • Failed market accessibility.

Classical Greek architecture and sculpture is shown in the ‘west’ as bone white, but in fact it was brightly painted in vivid hues as can be seen here:

The modern popular Germanic vision of  the ancient Greeks depicts them  wondering around in white robes, in white buildings surrounded by white statues. You would think a Ju-ju man from the Germanic cult of psychology would have a field day with that…

Someting like this classical whitewashing seems to have happened to the modern Greek people in the past couple of decades. Under Germanic tutelage  they were endowed with the protestant work ethic, a place in NATO and the European community and all the other accoutrements of membership of the League of White Protestantism. etc.

But now it seems in contra-distinction to the masony of Greece, for the people it is the whiteness that has worn off, and Greeks have lost their status as ‘honory whites’.

They find themselves lumped in with Africans, Chinese etc as a ‘ developing’ nation. The colour has come back to the Greek cheeks as it were.

If you observe the picture above you can see how this was achieved in the traditional German manner.

And this in turn helps us to come to an understanding of Golden Dawn, supposedly a Greek facist movement that has arisen as a result of the economic corporal punishment meted out to the home of democracy. In a desperate attempt to hold onto their fading German status, both left and right have imagined a facist movement. After all, facism is the last Germanic attribute anyone in Greece can still plausibly lay claim to…..

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