Perry’s Cats

catsSchrodingers Cat

In Herr Schrodingers famous thought experiment a cat is placed in a sealed box together with an amount of poison that will be released by an episode of radioactive decay. Theoretically the cat might be alive and dead at the same time. We cannot know how the cat sees things and we cannot know how we will see the cat. Cue long discussion about the nature of indeterminate reality and many possible realities etc.

Contrast this with Perry’s Cats which is a thought experiment to explain what happens as the cultural/political/economic system we are in implodes. Unlike Schrodingers Cat; Perry’s Cats are based on readily observable reality.

Imagine a man has several kittens that he does not know what to do with. He cannot give them away as nobody wants them. His wife has told him that there is no way that she is going to put up with a hoard of useless animals lying around the house, having to be fed and of course, inevitably reproducing themselves in even greater numbers.

The man decides to relieve himself of the problem in the traditional way by placing the kittens in a sturdy burlap sack and placing the sack in the nearest canal.

He puts the kittens in the sack, ties the neck of the sack securely and throws the sack into the dark, freezing water of the canal.

What exactly is happening inside the sack the moment it hits the water?

The answer is that the cats inside the bag begin to struggle. But:

1. They cannot see or understand exactly where they are because they are in a sack.
2. They cannot claw their way out of the sack.
3. There is nothing but other cats inside the sack.

Although each cat acts as an individual, the group as a whole can be split into two thought groups:

1. The first thought group decides that the main obstacle to individual survival is all the other cats in the bag. It therefore resolves to kill all the other cats as a means towards survival.

2. The second thought group type responds to the attack

In the darkness there is slashing and squealing and spitting and the overwhelming stench of cat faeces as the animals void themselves in fear and rage. The violence becomes ever more desperate and frenzied as the freezing cold closes around them, the sack sinks and  the most violent cat , the ‘victor’, is the one that drowns

Inside the bag there is only each other, and so it is each other they attack.

Any thoughts of the man or his wife it might have been possible for the cats to have, are lost in the final paroxysm of violence.

You might ask yourself :

‘Why were they so stupid and weak as to allow themselves to be put in the sack in the first place?’

And the answer is: because they were a bunch of f*cking pussies.

‘Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses’


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