One Way or Another…

 ‘One way, or another,

I’m gonna get ya

I’m gonna

Get ya

Get ya

Get ya

Get ya’


A while ago I predicted that Russians leaders would come under increasing pressure from Anglo Saxon backed forces within the territory of Russia itself.

The reason for this increased pressure would be to force Putin to come to back down from his confrontation with the Saxon Axis over Syria.

Anglo Saxon strategic thinking goes that once Syria can be turned into a staging post for Wahabi style militants Russia will be forced into a direct conflict with them. This will achieve two fundamentally important strategic goals for the Saxon Axis:

First it will tie Russia down in a re-run of Afghanistan. The Saxon elite yearns for a return to the days when Russia was embroiled in fighting Islamists in the first Afghan war. Russia was in a state of permanent emergency and being bled dry of blood and money. As a result it was no threat to Saxons plans in the rest of the world.

Second, it will allow the Saxon Axis to complete the pivot to Asia. Once Russia and the Islamists are locked in a death embrace Saxons can turn their attention to encircling China and creating the security structure that will best suit their need in the Pacific. In part this will be also accomplished by the trans Pacific trade agreement of which I will write more later.

Outside of these two strategic objectives there is a further ideological goal for the Saxons to achieve in Russia.

Many have been struck by the apparent change in Frances attitude to the policy of interventionism and particularly Saxon interventionism that has been seen in the Middle East. It seems that France, which under traditional Gaullist philosophy has been at best lukewarm about collaborating with Saxon interests, has changed its attitude completely. Again, this was something that I predicted some time ago, and it an inevitable progression in the development of WHITEISM.

Whiteism is the ideological structure that rests on the belief that all white people have a common ‘white’ culture and common ‘white’ interests. It follows from this that all ‘white’ people should act together in political military and economic spheres. French refusal to co-operate with NATO for example was a direct challenge to Whiteism. In order to gain French co-operation it would be necessary to find a threat that clearly unified all white people around the need to defend ‘our’ culture and ‘our’ way of life- and does not Islamism fill this role admirably? Think about the way that a carefully orchestrated campaign around outlawing the Burkha in France set the groundwork for a new French attitude towards Muslim extremism.

So far so good. That’s the Gallic whites taken care of. But what about the other big group of non Germanic whites, the Slavs?

Unfortunately the first Afghan war in which Islamists were used against the Slavs by the Saxons had the side effect that Slavs developed the unhelpful,(from a Saxon point of view) perspective that theirs was a solitary fight against Islamism. As a consequence Slavs developed their own methods and philosophy in this struggle. So far it has proved virtually impossible for Saxons to subvert or gain control of this Slavic perspective despite their many increasingly desperate attempts to do so. So instead they have developed a separate track- the NGO approach, which is to use pro Saxon factions within Russian society to attack the Russian leadership, especially using that totem of Germanic Pagan religion- homosexuality. So Russia finds itself under a secret Saxon siege: check out the Guardian coverage of the mayoral elections as pure Saxon propaganda.

One way or another the Saxons intend the Slavs to join the White war against Islam. If the Putin leadership will not fall for the idea that we are all whites together, then the Saxons intend to install a leadership who will.

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