Both the American and the German state have made moves to recognise Bitcoin as legal tender (see above).

How long do you think it will be before other leading capitalist states fall into line?

And what does all this mean for the ‘radical’ credentials of Bitcoin and those who promote it?

Given the relative speed and ease with which Bitcoin has been accepted so far it is clear that it is not perceived as much of a threat by the ‘Banksters’ and the Politicians, in Germany and USA at least.

Now it is time for all the Non Governmental Currency ‘revolutionaries’ to explain why there is this lack of resistance to Bitcoin and its various counterparts. Of course, there will be no such explanation, because any serious thought on the matter will lead to the conclusion that Bitcoin and democratised currencies are exactly what is on the agenda for the entire ‘Western’ world.

There has been a lot of tittle tattle around the idea that the Federal Reserve could be drawing down on Quantitive Easing in the near future. But the soothsayers cannot find seem to find any pattern or purpose in Bernankes actions.

This is because even after four years of the Democratisation of Money they are too blinkered to understand this process from both sides, from the promotion and protection of derivatives and the promotion and protection of Bitcoin and the like.


They are too stupid to realise that phase 1 is now successfully implemented. The restructuring of western economies that will provide for the implementation of Democratised Money is complete.

Now phase 2 begins.

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