US Supreme Court guts Voting Rights Act – World Socialist Web Site

US Supreme Court guts Voting Rights Act – World Socialist Web Site.


So the Supreme Court of America launches an outright attack on the principle of protecting racial minorities by means of legislation. It’s clear something significant is going on here- but what?

World Socialist Website is keen to portray this as an attack on ‘democratic rights’ in general by the financial elite, but is this how the decision will be seen by Americans themselves?

Since the 1960’s in the mainstream of America’s political system there was a broad agreement on the need to accept and do something about the racial bias built in to  the American system.  Now a growing number of Americans argue equal rights legislation including affirmative action, is divisive and undemocratic by its very nature.

The question is why have attitudes changed so significantly in such a relatively short space of time?

To understand what is happening you need to understand WHITEISM.

Whiteism is a political ideology based on the argument that ‘Whites’ are fundamentally more civilised than any other ethnic, social grouping.

After the Second Germanic War the fundamental idea of Germanic (Saxon and Continental) civilisation had been compromised by the death camps and Hiroshima and all the rest of it. At the same time the Soviet Russia ‘untermenschen’ had proved to be superior to the Germanic ideal of the Nazi superman. Everywhere the German racial ideal was seen to be discredited.

So Anglo Saxons created a new ideology based not on old conceptions of intelligence and civilisation, but on moral superiority. And not just the moral superiority of Germanic peoples, but of all white people, including Communists! Organisations like WSW itself are based on this ideology.

America, which was founded on racial preference found itself under increasing pressure to modify their system in line with this new ‘moral’ ideology. This was why civil rights legislation was put in place.

But Whiteism was only ever there to protect Germanic society when it was at its weakest, in the period immediately after the Second Germanic War.

Now a section of Germanic society is prepared to throw off the sackcloth and ashes of the past seventy years and again assert that Germanic society is absolutely superior to all other people.

This finds its expression in the willingness to start and support war and subversion all over the world.

It finds its expression in the desire for total economic domination including the control of resources.

It finds its expression in the mission to export ‘democracy’.

It finds its expression in NATO.

It finds its expression globally and in America, in the desire to confront all non Germans as open adversaries.


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