2012 Predictions

In light of stock market developments and the price of gold etc…
These are the predictions I made in January 2012 on my USEmedia.officelive.com site blog:

Next Bend in the Road

How far you can see down the road is determined your position relative to the topography of the road itself. If you find yourself on a high point or a straight stretch it is possible to see some way. The speed you are moving is largely irrelevant. At other times, sharp turns block the view and disorientate, and the faster you are travelling the worse the effect. Fast changing events make the future harder to predict. More happens day to day but the excess of information does not make prediction any easier. And there are a lot of hairpin bends around at the moment.
Seeing into the future should be events led and not something done at an arbitrary time like the turn of the year, and yet the desire is compelling.


• Democratised money Next Big Thing in the Saxon Axis- especially USA/England. Democratised money investment vehicles touted as The Next Big Thing-an inflation proof savings vehicle.
• People getting desperate for some good news will pile in looking for a piece of the action; the press will hype this as the solution to all our problems.
• Economic pundits around the world will be deeply confused; does it mean the bad times are now over?
• Gold as a stable value store will take a pounding
• Inflation will not fall; far from it. Commodity prices will be strong precisely because of speculation. The standard bullshit from the BoE about general measures of inflation will start to come apart like wet tissue paper. Expect at least one headline something like: The End Of Inflation?
• This hysterical surge will be one of the signs that complete structural collapse of the preceding financial system is imminent. Needless to say, do not get involved. If and when the surge starts take your money out of the bank and start buying storable and tradeable value- it is that serious.
• International scene: currency blocs will start to fall into place.
• Obama will announce some version of the Pan-American continent currency bloc I have been predicting before the election.
• Conveniently for USA, Chavez may very well be in no position to stop it.
• USA will shaft England on the Malvinas to build up some Latin American credibility. Peripheral currency shocks (engineered or otherwise), will be the order of the day to persuade everyone we need stable regional trading.
• English currency might take a beating leading Cameron to announce a semi-formal peg to the Euro.
• The Japan/China commercial rapprochement will happen. (see White Flag).
• There might be a big economic ‘buy in’ for Myanmar and North Korea.


• Russia will be a major cockpit for this next phase of the international power struggle, bringing a lot of upheaval.
• The Saxon Axis continues to manipulate the Sunni Empire for its own ends, primarily against Iran.
• Promotion of Sunni Islam brings the Saxon Axis into direct conflict with Russia because of the Muslim threat on the Russian border undermining the ‘all whites together’ approach to Russia/USA détente. The Saxon empire will try to ferment internal Russian dissent as a way a neutralising Russian opposition to their modified Middle East policy. France will be in the front line for a lot of this.
• Infighting in the UN Security Council giving rise to calls for a general opening up of the council inviting India and Japan in on some probationary level.
• The rise of Salaafism and Wahabism on the North Coast will have an explosive impact in Africa. Nigeria is a flashpoint. Obama will declare he is an African and send in troops reinforcing Liberian and Gold Coast supply depots for AFRICACOM.
• South Africa will become increasingly hostile for this and for Libya. The Saxons will try it on with an ‘ungrateful’ South Africa line!
• Emboldened Qatar might make some moves on Saudi Arabia; this would be a startling development indeed.
• Everybody in the Middle East is going to try to play the Kurds off on each other. Turkey Syria Iraq will see a lot of Kurd stuff going down.
• Israel is coming into the firing line. They will be looking for someone to blame for the rise of Sunni Islam and the relative collapse of their bargaining power. They may try an Iran strike to keep control of the game. There will be a lot of Anti Obama stuff from Israel. Obama will hit back hard.
• There will be a serious USA state level challenge to Obama. USA will be convulsed by the realisation that none of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming election represent white Protestantism.
• If Obama or Romney wins the presidency it will be a Pyrrhic victory; the southern states are becoming increasingly ‘desynchronised’. NORTHCOM and the Canadian border will become increasingly integrated. This may cause some problems with the Quebecois.


• In England this will be the Year Of The Rise Of The Saxon. A distinct form of ‘left wing’ Saxonism will begin to emerge as a challenge to Scottish nationalism. Scotland could be skewered on the difference between Catholic French influence and Nordic Germanic paganism; this will be the game that the English try to play.

• Expect a revolutionary development in Northern Ireland, Nationalists and Unionists will collaborate as never before. Their co-operation will be condemned in England and the Free State!

• The USE website will continue to make progress in describing the pathology of WHITEISM, DEMOCRATISED MONEY and THE PAGAN GERMAN LEFT. USE will grow. Fresh writers will contribute. The site will relentlessly challenge the disgrace that Germans have brought upon the heads of white people and the misery they have brought down on the heads of people all around the world.

3D-printed guns: State Department orders firm to remove blueprints from web | Technology | guardian.co.uk

3D-printed guns: State Department orders firm to remove blueprints from web | Technology | guardian.co.uk.


The End of Science Democracy

I predicted that science democracy would be curtailed when it became clear that knowledge power could no longer be freely allowed to move around society without a cost. At that point knowledge would become a nexus of conflict and not a freely available ‘democratic ‘ resource.

 Science is the democratic validation of knowledge which gives power to self defined scientists. Democratic knowledge or science will end when non scientists learn how to fight back. The struggle over Iranian nuclear power is an example of this. Sooner or later we will see the development of suitcase dirty nuclear bombs or genetically targeted biological weapons. When this happens a scientific dictatorship will be declared in the interests of public security and knowledge democracy, or science will have ended.

Now the USA government expressly preventing the free dissemination of knowledge claiming it is the property of the US government!

And this of course in the interests of public safety

Exactly as I predicted.