Boston: what turns nice guys into nihilists?

Frank Furedi Spiked Tuesday 23 April 2013

In a recent opinion piece on the Boston Bombings Frank Furedi asks:

‘what turned these apparently ordinary brothers into cold-blooded Islamic terrorists?’

Furedi is mystified as:

‘the Tsarnaev brothers appeared to have flourished in their new home of America, where their family had moved after fleeing Chechnya’

That might be how liberals tend to see the Chechen bombers. However, I can assure you the press in the ‘good ol’ US of A!’ sees things a little differently. From the ‘Weekly Standard’:

‘Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter’.

“In addition, both of Tsarnaev’s parents received benefits, and accused brother bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were recipients through their parents when they were younger, according to the state.”1

And from Ann Coulter:

‘As if it’s a defense, we’re told Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev..were disaffected “losers” — the word used by their own uncle — who couldn’t make it in America. Their father had already returned to Russia. Tamerlan had dropped out of college, been arrested for domestic violence and said he had no American friends. Dzhokhar was failing most of his college courses. All of them were on welfare.’2

So the ‘all American’ success story gone bad narrative does not seem to stand up under scrutiny for very long. An American concensus is emerging that the Tsarnaevs were Slavic Bad Seeds. But for the keen student of Whiteism, what divides Saxon liberals and conservatives in their respective interpretations of the Tsanaev story will never be as interesting as what unites them.

Homegrown Terrorism

The Saxon hullaballoo centers around the concept of ‘homegrown terrorism’ which is carried out by ‘young, first-generation immigrant men’ with identity issues’

that turn into:

‘nihilistic murderers who hate(s) the community in which he (they)resides’.

And ‘homegrown terrosrism’ is not confined to the USA, it can be found across the northern hemisphere; in fact across the Germanic Empire:

‘ Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Canada are other countries in which young people have developed an extreme hatred towards the Western way of life.’

I Thought We Had A Deal!

The liberal trauma or conservative outrage that engulfs all sections of Saxon society centers around the complaint that these young people have renaeged on an implcit deal;

‘ young people, living the lives of typical Western teenagers, suddenly become radicalised and turn into bitter enemies of their country; observers always seem confused and alarmed by this speedy process’

For instance, 7/7 bomber:

Hasib Hussain……liked playing cricket and hockey, then one day he came into school and had undergone a complete transformation almost overnight… He started wearing a top hat from the mosque, grew a beard and wore robes. Before that he was always in jeans.’

So having been allowed to come to the Heimat and enjoy the fruits of Germanic culture, imigrants suddenly and forcibly make the descision to reject it and the denim it comes wrapped in.

Unlike Coulter and the right, liberals like Furedi just cannot conceive of the possiblity that anyone might turn their back on the delights of Germanic culture. He suggests that deep down the perspective of immigrants like these:

‘ is very similar to numerous non-Muslim Westerners who visit nihilistic websites and become fascinated by destructive themes and images’.

Religious conviction is no more than ‘ a fad’ and that deep down they are still in thrall to the:

‘glitz and narcissism of certain aspects of American culture’.

-just hometown Anglo Saxons with black curly wigs on then.

And since Furedi personally finds Islam so unactractive he opines that :

‘these people seem to have been driven by their estrangement from society rather than being pulled by a vibrant and dynamic alternative’.

and that:

‘their actions were prompted …by the unravelling of meaning in twenty-first-century Western society. Today, old political ideals no longer have the capacity to endow experience with meaning’

The truth behind this observation is that it was not just the Soviet Union that ended in the 1990’s, it was a central plank of WHITEISM: the Germanic strategy for global control.

The purpose of Whiteism in the so-called ‘Cold War’ was to offer the world population a choice between two kinds of white civillisation; Germanic or Slavic, ( Capitalist or Communist). It really did not matter which one you chose so long as you chose one of them. To paraphrase the famous Ford slogan: ‘Any colour so long as it is white’.

In the post Second Germanic War period, the entire middle east was divided along these lines. Usualy expressed as either BAATHIST or ‘western/authoritarian ‘ regimes. But the end of the Soviet Union meant that all non-Germans were increasingly free to consider the world outside the perspective provided to them by Whiteism.

They Live!

In that moment awoken people became free to see the ‘US of A’ for what it is; a never-ending hallucinogenic OKTOBERFEST founded on the extermination of American people and the kidnap and exploitation of Africans. Is it any wonder that some resort to desperate actions. The John Carpenter film ‘THEY LIVE’ is a wonderfully humerous and insightful look at just this process and I would recomend it in preference to Furedi’s article any day.

Furedi is right when he implies that it is fruitless to look for the meaning of actions like the Boston bombings in the specifics of Islam. It is the collapse of the Germanic ability to mediate the experience of non-white peoples that is causing the collapse in control mechanisms and leading to acts of rebellion.

This analysis is evidenced by what Furedi finds ‘truly disturbing’ about the the Boston bombers; their ‘depoliticised nature’. If we understand by ‘politics’ the willingness of the world population to play by the rules invented by the Germanic Empire, it indeed must be very disturbing.Furedi goes on to point out:

‘there are formidable cultural forces that denigrate the West’s historical achievements’

Indeed there are, they are everyone but the Germans.

But Saxons need not worry too much because:

‘as long as (their) community believes in itself, the damage they (terrorists) cause will be contained.

Anyone who watched the nighttime crowds of Herrenvolk hooting and chanting ‘USA! USA! while paramilitary cops and soldiers swarmed across the streets of nightime Boston might not be so sanguine about Germanic self-belief being the key to a happy outcome to all this.

Furedi’s understanding of the nature of the Boston bombings is a great deal more sophisticated than most of his mainstream Saxon counterparts. But very real dangers are present in the way he feels about the decline of Saxon influence and what he wants to do about it. The Germanic self belief that he advocates as a response to a perceived external threat has a very unfortunate antecedent indeed.

And as for plaintive soul searching on the part of Germanic liberals:

‘why do they hate us?’ has morphed into questions like ‘what is it about us that they hate?’ and ‘why don’t they want to be like us?’

Here is the real question- Why does it matter so much to you?

The answer to this question is the first step along the path to an understanding of Whiteism.

And when you have answered that question then how about:

Do you think that the Muslims killed and maimed by drone strikes ask the same questions about you?

1The Weekly Standard 6:54 AM, Apr 24, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER

2April 24, 2013 Ann Coulter

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