The Ideological Crisis Underlying Today’s Tax and Financial Policy » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.


The invasion of 1066 which resulted in the subjugation of the Anglo Saxons by the Norman French resulted in what must be regarded as the greatest case of post traumatic stress syndrome in human history. Michael Hudson and other Saxons suffered such psychic trauma that they associate anything bad they see, from a childs cartoon to a goverment policy with ‘Neo-Feudalim’! Capitalism was invented apparently to overcome ‘ Feudalism’-but now the nasty Normans are back!

Only this time they are going by the sinister french nom-de-plume of ‘RENTIERS’.

These ruthless and sinister Frenchies intend to take by force or guile the WELFARE STATE invented by Bismark and so loved by HERENVOLK all over the territories of the SAXON AXIS.

So Michael Hudson wants an amnesty on debt and a return to a purer form of the Germanic cult of KAPITAL.

‘It remains the task of a new economics to revive the classical distinction between wealth and overhead, earned and unearned income, profit and rentier income – and ultimately between capitalism and feudalism.’

Herr Hudson, a  Saxon is a German dog with a French collar. The stupid animal worries and frets over the collar trying to get it off. But if it ever does  remove it,  then all it will be is a worthless stray.

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