Why has Israel decided to massively intensify its siege war on Gaza? And why has it decided to do it now?
Zionists claim that Israel can no longer possibly bear the intermittent mortars lobbed every couple of weeks or so from Gaza.
Some anti-Zionists suggest that the purpose is to queer the pitch for the forthcoming Palestinian attempt to get observer status at the UN.
Slightly more complicated (and a good deal more vague), is the suggestion that it is all somehow something to do with Iran and America, possibly involving negotiations over nuclear enrichment.

My own bet is on something I call the Stink Strategy. It works like this:

The Arab spring has forced on/offered the American elite the opportunity to forge a new arrangement in the Middle East. As pro-American dictatorships have come under sustained pressure, the entire Arab wide edifice of secular, nationalistic politics has begun to crumble. It is not possible for America to simply subvert democratic movements and re install replacement strongmen. Because of this a fundamental change is taking place in the power structures of the Middle East and the extent and depth of the influence that America has in the region.

This has profound consequences for Israel. Israel functions as the local outpost for secular democracy in the Middle East. That is the justification for military and civilian aid from America. If the nature of the game is no longer about advancing secular democracy but rather influencing Islamic Sharia regimes then the American need for Israel and the continuation of American handouts for Israel is considerably diminished.

Put bluntly, if America can obtain a satisfactory level of control over the Middle East by influencing Islamic regimes, it will no longer need to rely as much on secular Israel.

Which means that the new Islamic regimes win. It also means that America does not lose all that much. The big loser is Israel.

So, what is Israel to do?

Well, in order for this New World Order to work out the new Islamic leadership has to be able to sell compromise with America to the Arab street. If you want to see what this looks like in practice, check out recent foreign policy moves of Morsi and the Islamic brotherhood in Egypt.

More than anything a new settlement requires compromise on Palestine; the festering canker at the heart of the Middle East- which provides Israel with the opportunity it needs to sabotage the deal.

Israel launches an attack on Gaza. America is forced to choose between Arab Islamism and Zionism. Arab Islamism is not even half cooked yet. America cannot afford to take a chance. It is forced back into line behind Israel. The stink form Israel covers America. The Arab street recoils from the stink and any possible deal. America is the Great Satan again. The Arab leadership is forced to back Palestine. Status Quo.

The exact precise trigger for this was America’s French poodle yip yipping that it was going to recognise the Syrian terrorist leadership. This was a direct gift directed to Arab Islamicism. The trouble is that it came at the wrong time and the wrong place from a terminally confused French ha, ha elite that is trying to leverage the pathetic remains of any influence it has in the middle east. Take my word for it, pretty soon America is going to have to deal with France’s meddling.
Threatening to attack Iran was one way of Israel threatening America against ditching Israel. The attack on Gaza is the latest. Prepare to see a lot more of this in the next couple of years.
To paraphrase Trotsky the Jews have been led into ‘a bloody trap’.

What is coming next will be out of this world.

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