Democracy 2

Democracy 2

One major area of democracy I forgot to include is:
Free Speech

From the 1800’s onwards, a self defined group (journalists/the media). identified a free resource; the collective opinions of society, and conspired together as a democratic group to own and exploit it. The technology that enabled this was, of course, the printing press.

All the protagonists within the media regarded their right to colonise and compete within the sphere of public opinion as equal and democratic. They invented a complete series of ethics and professional rules which codified this collective right to plunder public opinion. So far, so good.

Then the internet happened.

The internet is not as many would have you believe, an extension or a development of an existing free speech system. It is the antithesis of this system.
It is the equivalent of the Romans learning to fight back against the Greeks. It is the equivalent of Spartacus learning how to fight back against Rome. It means that the free resource of public opinion is now contested, no longer free.

It follows from my argument that free speech democracy will be coming to a close.

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