How to Predict Where and When Democracy Will Turn Up And When It will Dissapear Again

Historically, democracy seems to pop up at certain times and in certain places.
In Europe, democracy appeared in Greece and Rome only to disappear again for over  a millennium.

If democracy is self evidently a superior form of government, you would assume that once the ancients became aware of its existence they would hang on to it from then on but this is clearly not the case.

The truth is that the reason democracy appears and disappears again has got nothing to do with any supposed moral or organisational superiority it has, but rather who it benefits.
If we understand who democracy benefits, we will better understand what it actually is and then it will be relatively simple to predict where and when it will appear and when it will disappear again!

Democracy needs two conditions as a pre-requisite of its appearance:

1. A ‘free’ resource that can be exploited by a self defined group. (A ‘free’ resource is one which has no previous claim on it).
2. The technical means to systematically and continually exploit that resource.

In other words, democracy is the means by which a self organised gang organises to hijack control of something that is a ‘free’ resource.

There have been four major ‘free’ resources that have been hijacked in this way

1. People hijacking
2. Land Hijacking
3. Knowledge Hijacking
4. Money Hijacking

People Hijacking

This began in democratic Greece: A group of mediterranean bandits hijack control of the surrounding people, who had no established previous ‘owner’. The technical advance that allowed this systematic hijacking to take place was the creation of military social structures (including cults and superstitions) that came to be known as ‘classical’ Greek Democracy. Greek democracy ended the moment hijacked peoples (most notably the forerunners of the Roman Empire) learned to how to fight back. The Romans went on to establish Roman democracy which lasted precisely as long as it took for their slaves (under Spartacus), to learn to fight back.


Protestant Land Hi-Jack in North West Europe: A group of Germans developed the social means to  hi- jack control of what came to be known as ‘national’ territories, which required being able to systematically force people off the land and into urban areas. The ‘industrial revolution’ that resulted from this was an afterthought!
This process reached its apotheosis in the Saxon slavery/ land grab which gave birth to American democracy. This is what has been understood as classic capitalist democracy. The moment the newly created urban dwellers began to assert themselves, Protestant democracy began to end. Saxon/Protestant democracy will collapse completely in conflicts between the cities and the Saxon/Protestant democratic power structure.


A group of Germans hijack control of the systematic recording of evidence and derived knowledge. The technical advance of the printing press was central to this. This hijacking has been come to be known as the ‘Enlightenment’. The technical method of control and ownership of knowledge is now called the ‘scientific method’.
Science is the democratic validation of knowledge which gives power to self defined scientists. Democratic knowledge or science will end when non scientists learn how to fight back. The struggle over Iranian nuclear power is an example of this. Sooner or later we will see the development of suitcase dirty nuclear bombs or genetically targeted biological weapons. When this happens a scientific dictatorship will be declared in the interests of public security and knowledge democracy, or science will have ended.


A group of Germans hijack control of the issuance of currency. The technical advance of electronic currency credit is central to this. The organisational structure that results from this will achieve ‘hyper exploitation’ that has never been seen in human society before. Democratisation of Money will end when non Germanic peoples end German domination over the planet and institute a new post German economic and moral system.

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