As if the so-called Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize being awarded to the European Union was not enough, I was further stunned by this grotesque and revealing image of Herr Hague.

The Nobel Prize committee have been trying to push the line that the European Union has brought peace to the nations of Europe

In fact it was the reorganisation between the three Germanic power blocs; America Germany and the English that established the post war order and what passes for peace. World Wars I and II were Germanic wars and nothing else. The peace established after the war is a PAX GERMANICA.

Does anyone seriously believe there could have been a world war with Spain, Italy, Russia and Japan ???!!!

I’ll say it again: THE ‘WORLD’ WARS WERE GERMAN WARS. The savagery and brutality carried out by every kind of German from Auschwitz to Hiroshima, revealed the true nature of all Germans to the world. Bizarre costumed antics like the one above cannot hide the true nature of Germans and their societies from the world.

The sight of a yarmulke on top of a set of features so clearly typical of the Germanic body and mind is one of the most offensive and disgusting things I have ever seen in my life!

The Germans have agreed not to fight among themselves and to concentrate on subjugating those who can’t fight back. This is what they call peace

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