25 July 2010
White Flag: The Duopoly

USA/China détente played a pivotal role in ending the Cold War and baring the increasing tensions and contradictions in Whiteism. In effectively laying the ground for the integration of China into the Capitalist world trade system, USA set the stage for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Within a couple of decades USA and its allies would be celebrating their ‘victory’ in the Cold War.

However, this victory was won at the cost of the White Duopoly; the latest and last manifestation of Germanic cultural and political domination. Globalisation represents a defeat for the Duopoly and is the arena wherein the white elite develops a response to the consequences of this change.
The White Duopoly (a.k.a. ‘The Cold War’), offered the world a choice:
Support White Capitalism or Support White Communism
in other words pick a flavour of the WHITE CIVILISATION that all whites are supposed to have in common, (see Forget Racism…’).

There is not and can never be, none white capitalism or non-white communism; they cannot be separated from Whiteism; they are simply extensions of Whiteism. This is not to say that non-white countries cannot adopt one of these ideologies to a greater or lesser extent. It means that in adopting one or the other of these ‘flavours’ of Whiteism such countries are brought under the jurisdiction of Whiteism as a whole. This applies equally to non-Germanic whites as well as the Slave Nations.

So long as there was a White Duopoly on ‘civilisation’, all whites were winners, since there was no opening for a non-white system of thought to challenge the white civilisation framework. The Cold War was managed in practical terms for just this purpose and historical evidence clearly supports this. The 1950,s and 60’s which were the apotheosis of The Duopoly and Whiteism were clearly the best time for ‘middle class/white Americans’, domestic living standards have declined precipitously in tandem with America’s international standing ever since the fall of White Duopoly.

It is this framework of White Duopoly that has so consistently defeated the Stupid Left. Liberal writers have been bewildered by the fact that USA has appeared at times to almost wilfully push Third World nations out of its own orbit and into that of the Soviet Union almost as if it did not want to win the Cold War! USA was happy to split the world in this way in preference to Slave Nations forming an independent thought process or even worse, forming with others a non white alliance. Further, the Stupid Left has internalised this argument and restricted any discussion of domestic politics to terms of White Civilisation with the result that Saxon Left politics became completely hollowed out and subservient to Whiteism. The demise of Cold War Whiteism was mirrored by the demise of the Saxon Left.

As a strategy White Duopoly was astoundingly successful. In the period of forty years after the end of WWII, every significant struggle both within the White Empires and within the Slave Nations was suborned to the Cold War.

How did the Duopoly Come into existence?

By the end of the WWII two things were manifestly clear to the entire globe.
Firstly, whites had proved themselves capable of obscene barbarism on a previously inconceivable scale. This was not just the First German Nation with their death camps and so on, non-whites were equally appalled by the savagery displayed at Hiroshima, a place my own father visited shortly after the nuclear attack.

Secondly, no one section of Germanic whites was capable of consistently and completely dominating other Germanic whites. In the future they would have to find a framework for working together to dominate the world.
In the midst of this, the struggle to maintain colonial domination of the Slave world was in full swing. The whole edifice of colonial domination was called into terminal question. It was no longer possible for whites to offer a ‘take it or leave it’, single ideology to the world. The tweedledum-tweedledee conflict that was the cold war allowed dangerous ant-white and anti-German sentiment to be channelled into a containable vehicle. It was the perfect expression of Whiteism.

Why did the Duopoly Fall?
Brought up in the Cold War era, Reagan generation politicians had cut their political teeth on the rhetoric and the world view that underpinned the Cold War. They were all au fait to a greater or lesser extent with the reality of realpolitik and the domestic rhetoric that complemented it. However, economic realities presented the de facto leadership of white civilisation with what was tantamount to an existential crisis. As discussed elsewhere, Monetarists and others were forced to confront the exponential growth of the state in the period after 1970. This produced the Monetarist response and a rhetorical political attack on state socialism as typified by the Soviet Union.

As might be expected, once the Soviet Union was destroyed, the sole remaining superpower almost immediately found itself in putative conflict with non-white states and civilisations. Who now had an arena within which to challenge white civilisation.

This is the true significance of the end of the cold war and the events that followed it. Do not look for significance in the particulars of Islamicism, but the fact that the defeat of Russia laid the basis for a Non-White challenge to the West.
With this insight we can see that the relative might of Islam, be it military, cultural or political is irrelevant. Political Islamism, or something like it, must inevitably be called into existence by circumstances such as these.

From this perspective skirmishes over Iraq and then Afghanistan and Iran serve merely as appetisers to what is to come; grand scale conflict with China.


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