In really serious cases of burn, trauma or disease, patients are put in a medical coma in the hope this will allow healing to take place while unconscious. At the very least the patient will not have to be awake and suffering. Given the risks, this treatment is only undertaken in the direst of circumstances.

The Cold War was a global induced coma to preserve the Germanic Cult of Capitalism after the Holocaust. Soviet Communism was a hallucination that the patient experienced under treatment.

In the 1980,s it was no longer clear that the effects of the treatment were more or less damaging than the original disease. Chief Surgeon Ronnie Regan, assisted by head nurse Thatcher ordered that the patient be woken up and put on a strict diet of Chinese food. Wakey, wakey: IT’S MORNING IN AMERICA!

Needless to say that the patient failed to thrive as old diseases manifested again; this time compounded by the new radical Chinese diet. After twenty five years of Monetarism a catastrophic heart attack prompted the desperate decision to put Capitalism under again. Only this time the old drugs and methods would no longer be sufficient. This time the treatment involved stopping all heart and brain activity in the hope that they could be restarted at a later date!

The first capitalist Coma; the so called ‘Cold War’ involved a system of halucinogenics and tourniquets blocking off the majority of the worlds population from capitalism. This incredible situation lasted for thirty years from the end of WWII until the mid 1970’s.

The second freeze instigated after the Credit Crunch, has had to be much more intrusive and extensive. The fundamental laws of capitalism; its very heartbeat and its brainwaves have been stopped. Capitalism is now a vegetable hovering in the grey twighlight between life and death.

All over the globe billions worth of property, loans, derivatives and other ‘financial instruments’ are held in limbo. If brought to market; sold off or defaulted, the entire system would immediately collapse. You and your family would literally be starving in three months. I am not exaggerating. So these gangrenous deals are left. Governments refuse to allow the people who made these deals from being made to account. AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO; NO MATTER WHAT.

At this most delicate of times it is unfortunate but inevitable that the subject of harvesting any remaining viable organs will arise. Of course at the beginning the very idea is abhorent but little by little the death watch entourage start to consider the previously unthinkable.

And this is where we are right now.

Here is the Saxon family gathered around the emaciated frame of capitalism atop the hospital bed.

The Saxon Libertarian right, little blue eyes puffy with tears are  singing God Bless America! and remembering better days.

The Saxon left are studying the frame of their patriarch trying to imagine an Eco Frankenstein they could make out of the salvageable organs.

The Saxon middle, shell shocked with fingers crossed, saying: ” lets keep the patient deep under and hope something turns up”.

Doctors and technicians stand in the background muttering something about  needing  a decision right now”.

And everybody knows they are running out of time.


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