The True Importance of WHITE FLAG


Now we begin to see more clearly the strategic shape that the Whiteist response to the collapse of the post WWII Duopoly is going to take.

The whole point of the Duopoly was to persuade or intimidate non Germanic countries to buy into the narrative of two differing forms of white civilisation. In classic ‘free market’ fashion the victim is free to choose which one to support.

And whichever one you support the Whiteists win.

This strategy has decisively failed after the collapse of the dictator network in the Middle East. The Anglo Saxon powers are seeking to replace it with a strategy of fighting non white powers on their own cultural ground.

A clear example of this is the overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya. The Saxon led powers are seeking to exploit Sunni identity in the Libyan population as the basis for a new Germanic compliant regime.

The other most glaring example must surely be in the recent absolutely pathetic Iranian assassination fraud; a blatant attempt to create Sunni-Shia conflict. (See above)

I am by no means the first to notice the effects of this trend, commentators in Asia Times and others have already described the process of stirring up mischief in China’s border territories and elsewhere.

We can expect to see the Germanic media increasingly busying itself with the detail of various regional conflicts everywhere it has an interest. Of course it will do so with a Germanic attention to detail.

But this strategy rests on one vital flaw.

It assumes that potential victims of the new policy cannot play the same trick. That they will continue to fall for the line that all white people are the same.

That there is no difference between Gaelic and Slavic whites and Germanic whites.

But I know there is.

And I know what those differences are.

And I am working to detail them.

When non-white nations learn to do this as well, we will begin to have some justice and peace in the world.

This is the vital importance of the WHITE FLAG project.

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